• Time: 2017-12-22 08:53
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Our Waterpark Tubes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship.
We are pleased to serve as the supplier of tubes for your waterpark, and appreciate and value our relationship.
We offer different sized single tubes and multi-rider tubes.
Since your customers come in a variety of heights, weights, and shapes, it is for you to determine which tubes to order.
Therefore, we suggest that as you consider your tube selection, you consult with an experienced professional who can advise you as to the most appropriate tube size for use on your specific rides. While one tube may be appropriate in one type of flume, it may not be safe in another due to the configuration of the flume.
We shall continue to make the highest quality inflatable Waterpark Tubes. We hope you will continue to purchase from us. But, please do so only after you have made every effort to determine if our tubes can be used on your rides in a safe and responsible manner. Only you, as the park operator, can assume the responsibility in making those decisions.

Single Tube: 36 42 48 54 + Customized Size Tubes are available

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